There is nothing more frustrating than choosing what combinations to make, and what not. In this guide we are gonna give you some guidelines for layering up. For when, you know, you went and spent the bag on some fire pieces.


You can go with a lot of different options when choosing lengths. A nice option to go for when you wanna wear two pendants below eachother is to leave at least 4 inches in between. This makes so that every pendant gets enough room to shine and do it's damn thing at attracting eyes. ;) You can also just pick multiple chains sized at the same length. This looks good for when you wanna go for a more ''gaudy'' look. Ultimateley it's all up to you. Be creative. Don't be afraid to test things out!

Prong Cuban Link Chain layered up with a Diamond Cross Pendant on a Tennis Chain

Color combinations

Some might say you can only wear one gold tone at a time. But we really think that's an old fashioned way of thinking. Nowadays we feel like a lot of people are getting more comfortable at wearing different types of gold tones together. For example we're seeing more and more two toned pieces emerge on the market, even tri-tone jewelry. Take a look at our two-tone Prong Cuban Link Chain which features a rose and white gold finish. Our take on this is really just match it however you like it the most. There's no right or wrong in this jewelry game.